Know The Six Popular Diamond Cuts

According to a recent report published by the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, more than 60 percent of the questions that people ask before purchasing diamonds is about the cut. This rightly indicates the significance of diamond cuts, and how much people are concerned about it. In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, […]

Some Tips On Buying Diamonds Online

You can buy anything from spaceship parts to needles online. So, why not diamonds? Purchasing diamonds is a headache for all of us, especially men. The hassles involved in going to a jewelry shop, sorting out diamonds based on budget and quality, checking their certificates, etc. prevent many men from buying one for their beloved […]

The Chief Properties Of Diamonds

It can be confusing choosing a diamond to buy. What are the things you need to check? What makes one diamond better than another? Are there guidelines to choosing better diamonds? It just happens there are. These center on the four C’s: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Around 60 years back, GIA came up with […]

The Clarity And Color Of Diamonds

Ever wondered what technical aspects let a jeweler or dealer determine what a diamond is worth? Other than the rarity of its type, each diamond has four basic properties that allow you to gauge its value. These are popularly known as the four C’s and that is one reason they are easy to remember. Each […]