Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Do You Need A Ring?

When we got engaged, my fiance and I skipped some traditions. In this post, I’ll go over what we skipped and why we wrote a lot of good beverly diamonds reviews. First of all, my engagement ring is not a diamond. I believe the stone is aquamarine but I’m not positive. It’s light blue. (I’m […]

Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Cracking the Four C’s

So, you’ve decided to propose to your girlfriend — congratulations. And you’ve decided that instead of her picking out the engagement ring, or designing one together, the most romantic move is to choose it yourself. Congrats again. You’ve read some beverly diamonds reviews. Congrats again. You are about to embark on an intimidating journey into […]

Beverly Diamonds Scam – Is Online Shopping Safe?

The Internet is never going to be a secure place, whether you shop for jewelry or chat with friends out there. Over half of all websites tested lately by the non-profit Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) were using versions of security protocols that are regarded by the international community as compromised. Jewelry websites might be among […]

Beverly Diamonds complaints – My BF and I

My boyfriend and I went just yesterday to look at rings. I would highly recommend at least one trip together. The two of you will learn so much and it is actually really fun if you find a store that is accommodating and friendly, like Beverly Diamonds. We read some Beverly Diamonds complaints and were […]