Man’s guide to buying an engagement ring.

So you’ve chosen to propose to your better half — congrats. What’s more, you’ve chosen that rather than her selecting the Diamond, or planning one together, the most sentimental move is to pick it yourself. Congratulations once more. You are going to set out on a scary voyage into the wild universe of Diamond shopping.

Odds are, before you chose it, all Diamond wedding rings had a striking resemblance: A sparkly light on a beautiful band that is going to cost a considerable amount of your pay cheuqes. In any case, in the event that you’ve as of now jabbed around a bit, you presumably saw that there are really between around one million and an infinite choices to look over — and reams of data about each part of the procedure of buying Diamonds

That is the reason we cobbled together a “precious stone wedding band” how-to”, with just the data that you have to know.


It’s not only an adage: Many young ladies truly lounge around at informal breakfast discussing their dream wedding band. Before you set out on this ring experience, youthful Frodo, approach your better half’s tightlipped companions for catchphrases about cut and style.

You’ll additionally need to start the procedure knowing your sweetheart’s size. On the off chance that you can acquire a ring from her stash to take to the goldsmiths, incredible. In the event that she’s somewhat butt-centric about her gems and may notice, utilize a pencil and a bit of paper to follow within the ring, and bring that. Alternately, slip one on your finger and utilize a sharpie to check how far down it slides. What’s more, for’s goodness’ sake, in the event that she’s an in the middle of size, fail huge. It’s simpler to size-down, and neither of you need to manage a mid-proposition knuckle jam.

Thanks to Beverly Diamonds review education page here a break down on the all important 4 C’s

Splitting the four Cs

Odds are, you know your better half’s taste — and her companions may have tipped you off on her most loved cut, or the way that she loathes rose gold. In any case, nobody you identifies with has heard her say, “I’d truly like a pad cut, with a split-shank setting and side accents, on a yellow gold band, size seven, nothing lower than a F for shading, or SI2 territory for clarity, or a two carats — y’know, an excellent wedding band.”

That would be far too simple! It is presently your business to find out about precious stones — a procedure that broadly begins with the four Cs. Any gem dealer will joyfully give a full presentation however you’ll need to go in prepared. Information is dependably control over cajoling sales people. Here’s a fast keep running down on ring language:

Clarity: This alludes to the stone’s “considerations” or defects, which incorporate tiny mineral stores and cracks in the stone. Numerous clarity blemishes are too little to see without an amplifying glass, so you might not have any desire to put a lot of stock in this number. The scale reaches between F, for faultless, to I3, for the most incorporations. SI1 and SI2 have slight considerations, however will shimmer.

Shading: It’s not about whether it’s a pink or dark precious stone — yet rather the shade of a white jewel, from absolutely dry to yellow. The clearest jewels scored D,E, or F. The following level is G, H, I, and J, and it goes the distance down to Z. Like with clarity, you have breathing room on this.

Cut: This is the place individual taste and shimmer come in. The cut evaluation, which needs to do with how well a precious stone reflects light, extends from fantastic to poor. Odds are great you’ve additionally been informed on the shapes your sweetheart preferences: Round, princess, emerald, pear, marquise, brilliant, heart, asscher, pad, and so on. For what it’s worth, princess (square) should be extremely prominent at this moment. A few shapes reflect light in flashier route than others, as you’ll most likely notice at the shop.

Carat: That’s the stone’s heaviness, obviously. The greatest jewel on the planet, the Cullinan precious stone, is 3,106.75 carat. The normal for a wedding band is a touch more than one carat. The carat’s measure you pick will probably have a great deal to do with your financial plan.

After the four Cs, you’ll have the ring itself to consider. For setting, the primary words to learn are prong, bar, strain, bezel, channel, flush, group, undetectable, and clear. Furthermore, for metal it’s gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Once more, white gold is the most well known, however yellow gold is viewed as exemplary. Platinum will raise the cost.

Try not to blow the bank

You’ve likely heard that men ought to spend somewhere around two and three month’s compensation on a wedding band. That detail, which is patently silly, presumably drives a great deal of men to put wedding bands on a charge card. Perhaps don’t do this? Obviously you need your better half to cherish her ring, however there’s a great deal of data out there connecting separation to cash issues, particularly obligation.

Additionally, know the easy routes with respect to the information above. Take the Carat. Value drops pretty fundamentally when the carat plunges beneath an entire number. A .9 carat precious stone will be significantly less costly than an one carat jewel. Princess, oval, and pad cuts are all less costly than round cuts, which cost the most. What’s more, the pronged setting is frequently the slightest costly on the grounds that it utilizes the minimum metal.

Likewise, on the off chance that you need to run with a small carat, there are approaches to cheat a little on size. Radiance settings, where the stone is encompassed with little child rocks, can make the stone look greater and shinier, and oval cuts I’m told look the biggest.

Furthermore, normally, consider timing. Do the goldsmiths you like ever run deals? Assuming this is the case, do they run them paving the way to Valentine’s Day to push jewel deals? On the other hand after, to



After you drop however numerous paychecks on a ring, get the damn thing safeguarded. You may be bearing it in your pocket for a considerable length of time, sitting tight for the ideal minute, and in the event that it slips out while you’re riding up a seat lift on a ski excursion, you’ll need to purchase another.

You can purchase it as an expansion to your property holders or rental protection, or get it from an extraordinary adornments safety net provider. You’ll require a receipt and an evaluation (which costs a charge). You’ll need to know how they’ll supplant the ring. They may offer money, or they may repay you when you purchase another ring through a particular diamond setter. The Knot records a couple of more things to ask your safety net provider.

Furthermore, now, off to begin shopping. Good luck, and god speed!

Once again thank you to Beverly Diamonds reviews for all the diamond info!

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