Traveling to Mexico

Traveling to Mexico is the best experience anyone can do. The Ocean, landscape, atmosphere and culture is beautiful. Mexico is known for the terrific food, tacos are great. Taco stands are one of my favorite things to do on the beach. I love the people; the Spanish language is not so hard to learn. The oceans are clear in Cancun and it reminds me of my wife’s diamond ring I bought from Beverly Diamonds.

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If I were to go back I would absolutely not drink as much as clubbing can become an all-day thing. My wife loves Mexico and we plan to go back again. We traveled the country for over a month. I would not worry about cartel or gangs, as long as you are not looking for trouble you won’t get into any.  People all over Mexico speak pretty good English.

Some important words to know are banos (bathroom). I love the sandy beaches, the family, fun and so much more. If I were to go again I would travel around the cities less and through the country more. The one rule of thumb is to never drink water in Mexico. Always drink bottled water. Flights are cheap when traveling in the country but more exotic things like renting a yacht can get pretty pricy. Mexico is a very beautiful country, I would recommend it too all my family and friends.

The music is also something you have to experience first hand.  The bandas, and the mariachis are always a smash hit! I plan to do so much more traveling in Mexico. It is a pretty large country so I will have to go in spurts in order to witness all it has to offer. Rocky Point, Cancun,  Tijuana and Mexico City are some of my favorite spots.

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