A Few Things On Diamonds

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Quality Of Diamonds

Diamonds are not just some jewelry, but a great investment option as well. However, like everything else, you need make sure that you are getting a good quality product for your money’s worth. Of course, when you are buying it from a reputed diamond seller like Beverly Diamonds, you have much less to worry about.

Composition of diamond

Diamonds are actually the crystallised form of carbon. The carbon atoms are aligned correctly in a cubical crystal structure. Because of this structure, diamonds are the hardest substance in nature.

In fact, you have to use a diamond to cut another diamond. However, there is a brittle side to it as well. Sometimes, hitting the diamond against a hard surface with force might break it.

The different diamond colours

You will find all types of colored diamonds online. Among those, who buy diamonds from the Beverly Diamonds shop, the favourite seems to be the colourless diamonds. But, the truth is that most natural diamonds will have some shade of color in the form of a slight yellowish or brownish tint. Other colours like red, blue, green, and pink, are also seen, but not that often.

Diamond treatment

Diamond Clarity
Diamonds Enhancement Techniques

Diamond treatment involves various procedures used by a diamond jeweller to enhance the overall appearance and quality of the stone. All diamond jewellers including Beverly Diamonds use these diamond enhancing procedures to improve the four main characteristics of the diamond – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat.

Diamonds jewelry manufacturers cut and polish the stones to improve the diamond clarity. Laser drilling techniques are used to get rid of any dark carbon inclusions in the stone. Special fracture filling methods are used to get rid of other blemishes, and to further improve the clarity. Also, there are color enhancement techniques like irradiation and high-pressure high-temperature method, employed to improve the colour of the stone.

Maintenance of diamonds

You should keep in mind that the daily use slightly reduces the overall lustre of the stone. So, you need to take care of the stone properly by cleaning it occasionally. Diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds provide you detailed instructions on how to take care of these precious stones. A mild detergent wash, or cleaning the stone in a diluted ammonia solution, are some of the options.

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