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According to diamond experts, there are two types of diamonds: natural and synthetic. As you can guess, the natural diamonds are formed naturally, which takes millions of years to form. It is believed that certain stones that remain under high pressure and temperature over a long period are transformed into diamonds. Natural diamonds are unique, priceless, and rare. On the other hand, the synthetic diamonds are produced in a matter of minutes in a laboratory.

The process of the formation of synthetic diamond

According to experts, there are two different methods used in the formation of synthetic diamonds. They are Chemical Vapor Method (CVM) and High Pressure High Temperature method (HPHT).

CVM (Chemical Vapor Method)

This is a very old method of making synthetic diamonds. However, this method does not form diamonds, but only a diamond-coat. For instance, the cutting blades you get in stores are diamond-coated through this Chemical Vapor Method. However, experts say that it is an imperfect method because it suffers from a number of drawbacks.

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

Among the various methods used in synthetic diamonds formation, the High Pressure High Temperature method is more popular and advanced. The best side with High Pressure High Temperature method is that it helps you make diamonds that look quite identical to natural diamonds.

In this method, a naturally formed diamond is used in order to seed the growth of a synthetic diamond. You can grow a natural diamond bigger in size through this method.

Where to get good diamonds from?

Synthetic Diamonds Formation
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