Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds In the diamond industry, there is something called fancy color diamonds. These diamonds are naturally colored and 100% natural from the ground. Contrary to popular belief these diamonds are not treated in any way. The best color in fancy color diamonds is pink as they are more are than any other fancy […]

Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repairs             All consumers in the jewelry business eventually need a repair at least a couple times in the lifetime of their jewelry. Jewelry repairs have been a business of its own and have been quite profitable for those in it. Repairs can be from small things like fixing a loose stone to big […]


Champagne Diamond Rings

Have you been struck by the beauty and allure of champagne diamond rings and are now looking for one? If so, you join many individuals around the country who consider champagne diamond rings and champagne jewelry special and exquisite. Before you decide on which ring to buy, you may want to go through the following paragraphs to […]

Beverly Diamonds


Piracy This article states that no matter how hard companies like Sony or Paramount try to fight for the rights of their works, they will never actually stop piracy. Piracy is something that will always be around as long as there is demand for entertainment that can be generated through reproducing the music or video. […]

Beverly diamonds reviews

Traveling to Mexico Traveling to Mexico is the best experience anyone can do. The Ocean, landscape, atmosphere and culture is beautiful. Mexico is known for the terrific food, tacos are great. Taco stands are one of my favorite things to do on the beach. I love the people; the Spanish language is not so hard […]

Beverly Diamonds

Classy Diamonds rings

Classy Diamonds rings. There are many styles of rings out there and everyone has their preference. No one person can say which are the right style diamonds rings to buy. There are the classy diamond rings, those rings are usually pretty basic. The reason for the classy diamonds rings being so basic is because styles […]