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While buying a diamond, you might be a bit confused on which shape to go for. This is because diamonds come in numerous shapes, and so, choosing the right shape is quite important. Let us learn a bit on the common diamond shapes, so that the next time you plan to buy a diamond ring or pendant from online stores like Beverly Diamonds, you would have an idea on picking the right one.

Round brilliant

This is the most common shape of diamonds and majority of the diamond jewelry come with round stones. Round brilliant diamonds are divided between the base, girdle, and crown. You can find a large collection of round brilliant diamond jewelry at Beverly Diamonds, which further allows you to pick the best suited one.


If your hand is small and you have elongated fingers, then oval shaped diamonds can be a perfect fit. These diamonds are symmetrically designed and are one of the favorite shapes of many.


Emerald shaped diamonds are commonly known as ‘step cut’ diamonds, as they look similar to stair steps. The stone is rectangular, with corners cut to perfection. Inferior colors can be pronounced in Emerald shaped diamonds and therefore, you should check the clarity and color of the diamonds thoroughly before making a choice.


Marquise shaped diamonds have pointed ends. This diamond goes well with smaller complimentary diamonds.


Pear is a combination of Marquise and Oval shaped diamonds. It just looks like a teardrop with one end pointed and the other end oval shaped. It is ideal if you have an average sized hands.


These are wedge shaped diamonds, first designed in Amsterdam. It looks like a triangle with three pointed edges. However, you can also find rounded shapes cultured within Trilliant stones.

Princess Cut Diamonds
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Princess cut diamonds can be either square shaped or rectangular shaped. This is widely used in engagement rings. This particular cut looks cool if you have long fingers.


Radiant diamonds have smoother or round edges and can be square or rectangular. Wide range of radiant cut diamonds is available at Beverly Diamonds.

Asscher cut

This shape was popular during the 1920’s and it has come back into style recently. There is also the Cushion cut, which has an antique shape.

These are the common diamond cuts in the market. Remember that no matter which shape you choose, you are sure to find a lot of options at Beverly Diamonds jewelry store.

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