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Before buying a diamond, you must know how to identify a natural diamond from an imitated stone. There are a few simple things that help you identify good diamonds from the bad ones. You need not be a jewelry expert in order to learn these things to spot the imitation diamonds placed before you by a diamond seller.

Find out whether the gemstone is artificial or natural

There are two types of diamonds: natural and artificial diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed over centuries through a natural formation process. They are rare and hard to be reproduced. The artificial diamonds are formed in a laboratory setting. Usually, artificial diamonds are made from substances like cubic zirconium or moissanite.

If you have any suspicion about the gemstone placed before you at a shop, you can ask your seller about it. Most of the reputed diamond sellers inform their customers in advance whether the diamond is natural or artificial.

Buy from a trusted seller

It is always wise to buy diamonds from reputed sellers like the Beverly Diamonds. It is observed that uninformed folks are deceived by vague Beverly Diamonds scam reports. But in fact, such reports are created to trick customers only. Beverly Diamonds offers a deep evaluation detail of the diamond you are buying.

So, before you go to a diamond seller, make sure that you know at least some facts about diamonds. The major things to note down include the four C’s of diamonds; the cut, the color, the clarity and the carat. According to diamond experts, it is the four C’s that determines the price of a diamond.

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The value of real diamonds remains constant although minute variations occur in their market price. So, if you come across any extremely appealing discount offers, remember the diamonds sold through such amazing offers may not always be genuine.

There are a slew of reputed online diamond sellers, but many are seen to sell low quality diamonds. On the other hand, expert gemologists say that you will not find any Beverly Diamonds scam reports for all the jewelries they sell are of premium quality.

Even if you come across any Beverly Diamonds scam reports, they would be fabricated, of course. They are created and spread by people with vested interest to confuse innocent customers. As an informed customer, make sure that you ignore any Beverly Diamonds scam report you come across.

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