Beverly Diamonds complaints – My BF and I

My boyfriend and I went just yesterday to look at rings. I would highly recommend at least one trip together. The two of you will learn so much and it is actually really fun if you find a store that is accommodating and friendly, like Beverly Diamonds. We read some Beverly Diamonds complaints and were worried about going to the wrong place. But it ended up being a really fun experience.

Things I learned and would say are helpful…

gorgeous ring
0.5 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring SI H

– You both learn what you like and don’t like. Be picky because it narrows down your choices alot faster and it will make his selection quicker. BF told me after the first store he was pretty overwhelmed and wondered how I did it because they all started looking the same. If you give him some criteria to follow it will make it easier on him. Plus, Beverly Diamonds complaints were wrong.

– Going through the 4 C’s is essential. I found that clarity was pretty much my top priority. It varies and everyone see’s diamonds differently. Read beverly diamonds complaints, Sit down and look at diamonds in all different kinds of light and talk about what you both see. This will help him later on to know what is important to you and teach him that it isn’t just about carat weight.

– Talk about payment and what his expectations are. My BF thought that he was was going to have to save the total amount and pay for my ring in cash. He realized that it would come a lot sooner when he was told there are financing options. Whatever he so chooses to do that will give you both a timeline to work within.

– Enjoy it! Laugh, talk, make jokes. We really enjoyed ourselves once we got into the right store. I tried to involve him by asking him to pick things out and tell me what he liked or didn’t like. He was more concerned about the Beverly Diamonds complaints but I liked it so he pushed me to pick out what I liked but it was nice to hear his opinion.

– Ask about their warranties. Don’t believe their complaints. I have found that this is something I’m very concerned with because the type of the type of ring I want, there is a possibility that a side diamond may become loose and I want to be completely covered on this issue. It was very important to us to have that security and not have to worry about that.

I’m very happy we did this together and I think it has benefited us both. I also feel like the engagement is a lot closer than I anticipated it would be. He said maybe before my birthday in December!!

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