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The company culture at Beverly Diamonds plays a pivotal role in our success. We have offices in Japan, Germany, and the United States. Though Japan has westernized in recent years, its culture is still somewhat different from the U.S. culture.  The German culture is unique as well. As a leader, I will not try to impose any one culture on this company. Instead, will have parts of each of these cultures embedded within it. I will expect managers to do the same and not impose a single culture based approach on Beverly Diamonds. The company managers will instead be accommodating -in their management approach to all the different cultures found within their teams, (Jeanne Brett, 2006). In addition, I plan to make sure that every manager of a Beverly Diamond multicultural team will be evaluated periodically on their cross-cultural competency, (Robert T. Moran, p. 25). All of this will help make Beverly Diamonds friendlier to all the different cultures expressed within it.

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Training alone is not enough to solve the lack of unity that pervades the work environment at Beverly Diamonds. We need to fundamentally change our attitude towards diversity. As a company they need to make sure that we recognize that this diversity definitely brings challenges but it brings many positives as well. We need to value this diversity, as it has been shown to reduce costs and encourage greater creativity at Beverly Diamonds, (Jawad Syed, 2015, p. 1.3). Managers need to influence their employees to be more accepting and open to others. Acceptance needs to lie at the very heart of the culture, and I am ready to lead this company toward that goal right away. Using a delegating style of leadership, Beverly Diamonds will leave it up to managers how on a practical level they will create more unity among the Beverly Diamonds employees (Jason Colquitt, p. 468). Beverly Diamonds will review its goals to make sure that they are extremely clear to make Beverly Diamonds a place where diversity is celebrated. I believe if we take these steps, the fragmentation that exists within the Beverly Diamonds firm, as a result of the differences in culture, could be greatly reduced.

            In terms of the overall leadership style at Beverly Diamonds, we will not be focusing on one particular style, as studies have shown that no one decision-making style of leadership is best for every situation, (Jason Colquitt, p. 469). To determine the best style of leadership for a particular situation, it uses the time-driven model of leadership. The model looks a total of seven different factors in deciding which style of leadership to choose,  (Jason Colquitt, p. 469). It reserves autocratic styles for decisions that are insignificant or for which employee commitment is unimportant and delegating styles for circumstances in which employees are not likely to commit blindly to my decisions,  (Jason Colquitt, p. 469). Deciding on whether to go with consultative and facilitative the model relies heavily on the seven factors, seen in the figures below, (Jason Colquitt, p. 470).

In conclusion, I believe great change will be happening the near future that will bring top performance and unity to the company’s workforce. Every day that I am on this job I will strive to do whatever takes to ensure that Beverly Diamonds continues to be the great company that it is today.

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