Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Buying My Wife’s Engagement Ring

Buying My Wife’s Engagement Ring

About two years ago, I was shopping for my wife’s engagement ring. I had decided how much I could spend and I knew exactly what style of ring to pick out—my only dilemma was where to buy it. Obviously, I didn’t want to pay more than I had to, but with such a big-ticket item, I wanted to know I was purchasing the engagement ring from a retailer that would guide me through the process of selecting a diamond and would be there for me after the sale, as well, which is what I would have learned if I read more beverly diamonds reviews. In the shopping process, I visited a big chain jeweler and also carefully considered whether to buy an engagement ring online at beverly diamonds.

I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a ring online, I read a few beverly diamonds reviews, I had the ring designed. It was perfect. And it was a great deal.

But then, I chickened out. “But I can’t see it!” I thought.


beverly diamonds scam
0.80 Carat Cushion cut diamond engagement ring SI H

Ultimately, I bought a ring from a national jewelry chain. I paid more, justifying the extra expense because I had a real salesperson to work with and because I could see what I was buying before it was shipped.

Unfortunately, I regret not reading more beverly diamonds reviews and buying the engagement ring online.

My wife’s ring was beautiful, but after a few months of wearing it she noticed the diamond was set too high and was catching on things now and then. We went back to the store to see if they could reset it only to hear the jeweler say “yeah, we get this all the time with this ring; there’s nothing we can do, but we could sell you a different setting.”

We were pissed!

Not only did they never mention this potential problem with this setting, they wouldn’t do anything to fix it. In fact, they had the nerve to try to sell us on dropping, even more, cash with them. Later, we found a local jeweler who reset the ring for less than the chain offered. Ultimately, the ring is even more beautiful, has a custom touch, and my wife finds it more wearable. I definitely still regret not buying it online after reading all those Beverly diamonds reviews.

That’s a long story, but the moral is I should’ve bought the ring online! (Or, I at least should have bought the diamond online and then had a local jeweler create a custom setting.

Diamonds are so marked up in stores that you can save almost 50 percent buying online. Beverly Diamonds will let you customize your engagement ring by style, setting, and all the four C’s so you get a ring that’s not only one of a kind but also in your budget. Best of all, they understand that buying a ring is difficult online, so they make returns and exchanges easy.

I ended up buying my wedding band with Beverly Diamonds and exchanged it once—at no cost to me—for a different width. Super easy.

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