Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Cracking the Four C’s

So, you’ve decided to propose to your girlfriend — congratulations. And you’ve decided that instead of her picking out the engagement ring, or designing one together, the most romantic move is to choose it yourself. Congrats again. You’ve read some beverly diamonds reviews. Congrats again. You are about to embark on an intimidating journey into the wild world of diamond selection.

Chances are, before you read some beverly diamonds reviews, all engagement rings looked pretty much the same: A shiny rock on a pretty band that’s going to cost a lot. But if you’ve already poked around a little, you probably noticed that there are actually between about one squillion and infinity options to choose from — and reams of information about every aspect of the process.

That’s why we cobbled together a “diamond engagement ring” how-to guide, with only the information that you need to know.


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0.65 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring & band SI F


It’s not just a cliché: Many girls really do sit around at brunch talking about their fantasy engagement ring. Before you set out on this ring adventure, young Frodo, ask your girlfriend’s tightlipped friends for key-words about cut and style.

You’ll also want to begin the process knowing your girlfriend’s size. If you can borrow a ring from her stash to take to the jewelers, great. Read some more beverly diamonds reviews from people who have done the same. If she’s a little anal about her jewelry and may notice, use a pencil and a piece of paper to trace the inside of the ring, and bring that instead. Or, slip one on your finger and use a sharpie to mark how far down it slides. And for god’s sake, if she’s an in-between size, err big. It’s easier to size-down, and neither of you want to deal with a mid-proposal knuckle jam.


Cracking the four Cs

Chances are, you know your girlfriend’s taste — and her friends may have tipped you off on her favorite cut, or the fact that she despises rose gold. But no one you spoke to has heard her say, “I’d really like a cushion cut, with a split-shank setting and side accents, on a yellow gold band, size seven, nothing lower than an F for color, or SI2 range for clarity, or a two carats — y’know, a classic engagement ring.”

That would be way too easy! It is now your job to learn about diamonds — a process that famously starts with reading beverly diamonds reviews. Any jeweler will happily provide a full presentation but you’ll want to go in prepped by reading beverly diamonds reviews. Knowledge is always power over sweet talking salesmen. Here’s a quick run-down on ring lingo:

Clarity: This refers to the stone’s “inclusions” or imperfections, which include minuscule mineral deposits and fractures in the rock. Many clarity imperfections are too small to see without a magnifying glass, so you may not want to put too much stock in this number. The scale ranges between F, for flawless, to I3, for the most inclusions. SI1 and SI2 have slight inclusions, but will sparkle.

Color: It’s not about whether it’s a pink or black diamond — but rather the color of a white diamond, from totally colorless to yellow. The clearest diamonds scored D,E, or F. The next tier is G, H, I, and J, and it goes all the way down to Z. Like with clarity, you have breathing room on this.

Cut: This is where personal taste and sparkle come in. The cut grade, which has to do with how well a diamond reflects light, ranges from excellent to poor. Chances are good you’ve also been briefed on the shapes your girlfriend likes: Round, princess, emerald, pear, marquise, radiant, heart, asscher, cushion, etc. For what it’s worth, princess (square) is supposed to be very popular right now. Some shapes reflect light in flashier way than others, as you’ll surely notice at the shop.

beverly diamonds scam
0.65 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring & band SI F

Carat: That’s the weight of the rock, of course. If you read beverly diamonds reviews you’ll learn about other people’s initial thoughts and how they changed. The biggest diamond in the world, the Cullinan diamond, is 3,106.75 carat. The average for an engagement ring is a tad over one carat. The size of the carat you choose will likely have a lot to do with your budget.

After the four Cs, you’ll have the ring itself to think about. For setting, the main words to learn are prong, bar, tension, bezel, channel, flush, cluster, invisible, and pave. And for metal it’s gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Again, white gold is the most popular, but yellow gold is considered classic. Platinum will jack up the price.

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