Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Lost My Ring!

I lost my wedding ring a week and a half ago, and I am in stage three of the loss. First stage was assuming I would find it any minute: it would be in my pocket, or I would have absent-mindedly put it on the bureau (I don’t normally take it off), or it would show up in the washing machine. Second stage was more like “Whoa, I guess this is going to take some looking!” Maybe it’s down in the sheets or under the bureau, or maybe I sleep-walked and put it into my jewelry box, or could it possibly be in the sink disposal? Third stage is “Man, we might actually not find it.” Maybe it fell off my hand into a trash bag, or maybe I lost it when I was out, or maybe it’s in a part of the washing machine where we’ll never find it or think to look for it, or maybe it fell into the bag of clothes for Goodwill. I read a few beverly diamonds reviews where people had similar things happen, its the worst.

I feel weird without my ring on, so I’m wearing a cheap ring I got on clearance at Target a long time ago—but it’s a fashion ring, so already the gold color is chipping off from me wearing it around-the-clock. I started thinking about buying a more serious temporary ring. Maybe a relatively-inexpensive-but-real-gold ring (about $100 on Amazon, or something from a consignment shop), something that would be valuable and nice to own even if I found my ring; or maybe a stainless steel ring that would be a fun change and work fine but would only cost $5-10. And then if we still hadn’t found the ring by the time of our next significant anniversary (a few years from now), we could take an anniversary trip to the same place we bought the original ring and replace it for real, or we could read some more beverly diamonds reviews and see what other people have done in similar situations..Beverly Diamonds

I mentioned these plans in my beverly diamonds reviews, though, and first of all paul thinks it’s too soon to panic and that the ring is still very likely to turn up. And second of all, he’s going to make me a ring on his metal lathe, so it won’t be very expensive but it will be sentimental. I like the idea, and he’s glad to have a project. There are more calls for a metal lathe than you might think, but always fewer than Paul hopes.

In the meantime, I’m trying to feel that this doesn’t really matter. The ring is just a symbol of being married; it doesn’t have to be the original ring, and plenty of people deliberately choose a new ring because of changing tastes or improved finances. I don’t feel superstitious about the ring, like my grandmother when I took off my wedding ring to show it to her and she said in an incredulous voice, “I’ve never taken off my ring! Never!”—as if I were divorcing and re-marrying my husband by taking the ring off and putting it back on. (That’s not fair to her. She was just surprised by it and commented on it, but I was surprised and embarrassed by her surprise and comment, so I later had an argument in my head where I defended my actions and criticized her reaction, and that imaginary argument has lingered.)

But still. Of course the ring is important to me, and of course it’s sentimental that it’s the very ring I got married with. And I really love my ring, too, and have been happy with our choice. Plus, it’s an item of actual cash value as well as sentimental value, and would be quite expensive to replace, especially since gold has tripled in price since we bought it. So what I really want is to find that ring. (I have very much enjoyed hearing some “found a lost ring” stories—or some “lost a ring and never found it, but it’s okay now” stories in beverly diamonds reviews.)


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