Beverly Diamonds Says Its Reputation Is Built On Customer Satisfaction

Beverly Diamonds Scam
Types Of Diamonds

As a leading online seller of diamonds, Beverly Diamonds takes a number of steps to clarify people’s inhibitions about diamonds. You can find lots of articles about methods of testing diamonds, parameters that determine the value of diamonds, etc., on their website. If you feel the need to talk with gemologists before purchasing diamond jewelry, Beverly Diamonds will provide you option that as well.

Beverly Diamonds have employed several experienced gemologists at its facility. They would not only help you choose pure diamonds but also help you decide which type of diamond-affixed jewelry would suit best for the occasion. All such unmatched services offered by the company has led some competitors to create phony Beverly Diamonds scam reports.

Beverly Diamonds educates you on the differences between pure diamond and artificial diamonds

Look at the history of Beverly Diamonds and you soon realize that the only reason why this seller has managed to get through all the fabricated Beverly Diamonds scam reports is because of the quality of diamonds it sells. It also helps people identify the differences between pure diamonds and artificial diamonds.

According to the gemologists at Beverly Diamonds, there are multiple methods to test diamonds. The simplest method is the breath test. Get the diamond you have purchased and simply breathe on it. Check for how the fog remains on the stone. If the diamond that you have is real, the fog will disappear instantly. This is because diamond is the hardest material on earth. Conversely, if what you have is an artificial diamond, the fog will remain on it for a few seconds. You would see the difference quite obviously, if you had two diamonds at hand, an artificial diamond and a real one.

Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report
Value Of Diamonds

There are four C’s that determine the quality of a diamond. They are carat, clarity, cut, and color. As diamonds vary in each of these factors, its price will also vary. Beverly Diamonds always insist on customer satisfaction. The company ensures this by offering first quality diamonds at affordable price. Beverly Diamonds buys raw diamonds from international market and design them at its own facility. This way, the company is able to reduce the price of its diamonds to the minimum.

According to Beverly Diamonds, there are no Beverly Diamonds scam reports to worry about. If you come across any link that redirects you to Beverly Diamonds ripoff report, remember that it could be a malicious link. So stay away from them.

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