Beverly Diamonds Scam

Beverly Diamonds Scam

The diamond industry is quickly changing with many new vendors and merchants entering the fairly old market. Beverly Diamonds scam was an article that has been circulating online also for several months, also named Beverly Diamonds complaints and bad reviews. The issue with so many merchants entering the business is that no one can pinpoint who is the right jeweler or who is a scam.

The whole diamond shopping experience has been made easier also in the last decade with the online retail boom. My whole life I have always been wondering how do companies get a reputable name for themselves or call themselves experienced jewelers without getting a bad name from online reviews. Beverly Diamonds scam is something that should also be looked into as I have been in the business for over fifteen years and have never really understood why a company with so much experience and a good reputation can be titled or even named Beverly Diamonds Scam or Beverly Diamonds bad reviews.

I decided to do more research into many companies including this so called Beverly Diamonds scam. I started by contacting the companies located in the heart of the jewelry district in New York and Los Angeles. My answers started getting narrowed down to companies that are only based online and would also potentially have a heading like Beverly Diamonds scam or Beverly Diamonds reviews. Some companies showed up on a company called Ripoff Report which actually is a website that doesn’t have a reputation for being so honest with its reports. I also spoke to a few of my jeweler friends who also mentioned they have heard about this Beverly Diamonds scam and turns out it was not true.

My conclusion is that Beverly Diamonds scam and many other companies that come up as bad reviews or scams are not necessarily a scam but more of a way to customers to buy at brick and mortar stores

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