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When you think diamonds, the first place you conceive of buying them is at a diamond store. But did you know you can also buy diamonds online? Some of the best diamonds in the business are catalogued online and sold over mail order!

For many, this might seem an attractive option. And even though it hints at risk for some, it can net you some beautiful diamonds if you go for it.

The advantages

  • Varied selection: It is said that there is a wide collection of some of the most beautifully cut diamonds being sold online. Internet sellers can afford to show off a bigger assortment than their counterparts at physical stores. Remember, the latter would need to actually buy and stock everything they wish to sell, and they are usually not equipped for this.
  • Discounts: Operation costs are lower for diamond businesses, which handle their sales over the internet. This lets them serve you better deals and discounts. There is also the chance to save on taxes if you are shipping diamonds from another state.
  • Flexibility: When you have diamonds sent over to your address, you get the chance to try them out in your own setting. You could take it to a local jeweler, in case you needed to compare it with the collection they have. All this can be done as long as you adhere to the return policy of your vendor. Most Beverly Diamonds complaints are from people who ignored this simple fact.

Possible disadvantages

  • If it is the first time you are buying from an online diamond vendor, there is no way of telling that the quality will meet your expectations. Elevated assumptions can be a bad thing too, judging by the Beverly Diamonds complaints you see online.

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  • Returns is another problem if you are buying from a less known diamond seller online. You could get stuck with an unsatisfactory piece, and no way to return it. Most Beverly Diamonds complaints, for example, cite issues with late returns.

Staying safe

Before you buy a diamond, make sure to read up from every source of information you can find on the vendor. Find out more about the diamond you wish to buy (the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight), and what to watch out for when doing so. There are dubious Beverly Diamonds complaints, which can completely put you off buying diamonds online, or resources which might genuinely help.

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