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There are precious few pointers on buying an engagement ring, which actually help you out much. Don’t get me wrong; there is plenty of information on the science behind diamonds. But this usually gets you no closer to buying trusted diamond jewelry, or getting something you really like. If you want to head in that direction, here’s some of what you need to know.

The cost

You might have heard of people saying that they saved up for months to get the perfect diamond ring for them. This doesn’t exactly set a rule though; just be sure on how much you are ready to spend without having to feel strung out later. And carry some extra in case your sights go on to find something far better, and priced a bit higher.

The size

There is no guessing on the ring size, and no better opinion on this. You will need the exact size of a Beverly Diamonds ring she still comfortably wears. Nick one, get it measured, put it back where you took it from. And while at it, take note of the styles she prefers.

The style

Your girl is just like any other woman, and unless she’s under witness protection, she talks about the stuff she likes. If she has not told you the type of Beverly Diamonds ring she’d like accompanying a proposal someday, some of her friends might be privy. Ask them, do favors, and find out what you want to know.

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The ring

Maybe your fiancée is the kind of girl who would want to have matching wedding rings, so let that figure into what you get for her. If she likes both her Beverly Diamonds rings in the same style, then this limits your engagement ring options too.

The rock

You will definitely need to know about the diamond you are buying, and its aspects like grade, cut, color, etc. As a guideline, stay away from color grade below ‘Yellow’, and cut grades below ‘Very Good’. Now the carats depend on how heavy she wants the thing, and if that’s what she is particular about, you will have to compromise on the other factors.

There are many ways to set the stone on the ring, or different styles already made which you can choose from. The Beverly Diamonds collection of engagement rings is bound to get you the type of ring you are looking for.

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