Buying The Right Engagement Ring

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Buying An Engagement Ring

So you’ve made up your mind to propose to your significant other, and the only thing you need is the right engagement ring. You could get her to pick it out herself, or design a new ring altogether; but neither of these is going to come off as romantic as choosing a Beverly Diamonds engagement ring for her.

All wedding and engagement rings would look pretty much the same to a person who has not thought on the prospect of getting engaged. It’s only once you start looking to buy one, that you see the depressing multitude of options available. This is barring the information you would need to actually understand differences between the stones you’ll find. So, here is a brief diamond buying guide to help you with purchasing a Beverly Diamonds engagement ring.

Getting ready

Most people think that girls actually have this fantasy engagement ring in their minds, which they discuss with friends, or whoever cares to listen. Incidentally, this isn’t far from the truth. Almost any woman, who contemplates getting married someday, has some idea of what ring she would like when her man goes down on one knee. And her friends are more than likely to know the particulars. Ask your girlfriend’s mates for a few pointers in this direction.

The four C’s of diamond quality

Diamond Quality
Diamond Engagement Ring

These are Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat – four areas where Beverly Diamonds rings score high. Clarity of a stone is how few imperfections it has, such as mineral deposits and fractures. These are usually hard to see without a magnifying glass, so this is not much of an important aspect. The color aspect deals with where the stone falls in a range of totally colorless to yellow, and isn’t very crucial either.

The cut of the stone is where you need to pay heavy attention though. This decides how the stone reflects light, which is what diamonds do. Then you have the Carat, which is the weight of the rock, and what mostly decides the selling price. Beverly Diamonds has an extensive collection, so you can be flexible there too.

A thing you will absolutely need is her ring size. See if you can borrow one of her cheaper rings and get it measured at the jewelers. If this is impossible to do, then trace out a pencil line by the inside of the ring. If, strictly speaking, she’s between sizes, then buy the bigger size, or you might have to deal with getting it stuck right after she says ‘yes’.

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