Diamonds Vs Quartz – Some Important Facts

Not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, every crystal that sparkles need not necessarily be a diamond. Crystals can either be quartz or diamonds. The brightness and attraction of crystal are quite appealing. If you see it for the first time, not realizing the fact that not every crystal is diamond, you are certain to […]

Where To Get Diamonds At Cheaper Rate

The Los Angles based online diamond seller, Beverly Diamonds, has been in the limelight for quite some time. Millions of customers are attracted to Beverly Diamonds. The diamonds sold by Beverly Diamonds are hundred percent original and the seller takes full responsibility for the same. We hardly hear any Beverly Diamonds ripoff report. The reason […]

How To Buy The Right Diamond Ring

There are precious few pointers on buying an engagement ring, which actually help you out much. Don’t get me wrong; there is plenty of information on the science behind diamonds. But this usually gets you no closer to buying trusted diamond jewelry, or getting something you really like. If you want to head in that […]