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If you are planning to buy diamonds for your girl, then it is important that you consider various factors so that you can gift her best one. It is to be noted that when it comes to diamonds, traditional ones are still the best choice. The brilliant cut, round diamonds have been popular for decades. According to experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, two out of three buyers go for round cut diamonds, and this shows the popularity of these stones.

Traditional diamonds have all the qualities required for a perfect diamond like beauty, rarity and durability. But when you choose diamonds, make sure that you purchase it from a trusted source. You can choose diamonds from a diamond store or shop for them online. If you are planning to purchase diamonds online, then you should be sure to buy it from genuine and reliable online stores like Beverly Diamonds.

There have been no reports of Beverly Diamonds complaints and therefore, this seller can be trusted for purchasing diamonds online. You can always trust an online store if customers are satisfied with its services. Since there are no Beverly Diamonds complaints, you can be rest assured that they maintain the best standards when it comes to diamond jewelries.

Even though colorless diamonds are the most favorite ones, you can also find colored ones. These diamonds are priced higher than the white and colorless ones. Let us see some of the colored diamonds here.

Colored Diamonds

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Blue diamonds are colored with boron. You might have seen them in some red carpet events and blockbuster movies, as most celebrities go for this royal colored one. Blue Heart diamonds and cursed Hope Diamonds are the best examples of blue diamonds.

Reds and Pinks are rare diamonds, which get their color from the irregular atomic structure, whereas Yellow diamonds get it from Nitrogen. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell highlight that Nitrogen is in fact an unwanted trait when they  colorless diamonds.

Green diamonds, on the other hand, are formed due to radiation. However, it has not been determined yet whether this radiation is natural or manmade. Champagne, Chocolate or Cognac diamonds are the recently introduced variants in the market, and are highly expensive.

These are a few of the fancy diamonds available out there. Check out the enormous collection of online diamonds stores like that the Beverly Diamonds offers, and buy the best one for your soul mate.

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