City of lights

City of lights.
City of lights.


City of lights is One of the most romantic places in the world is the Paris which is another known as the city of lights. Paris is not just called the city of lights because there are many lights in the city. If that were the case London should have also been called the City of lights. There are many lights over there as well. Same things go for Melbourne Australia and for Hong Kong or China. Paris is called the city of lights for the atmosphere that is there. When someone is in Paris, whether it is for a romantic get away for a casual vacation you can feel the lights. The air that one breathes feels more romantic.


There are many things to do in Paris. For  most people the first thing that comes to mind they are thinking about Paris is the Eifel Tour. That makes a lot of sense because aside from being beautiful it is also the biggest building in all of the France. However, that is no the only great attraction in the City of lights. There is the Louvre which is a fantastic landmark museum. You can also go to Champs-Elysees. That a fantastic place to go shopping. There are many clothing stores and restaurants on that street. And after all of that, you can take a break go going to the Arc De Triomphe.


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