Customizing Rings with Beverly Diamonds

Customizing Rings with Beverly Diamonds


I have been always wanting to buy a ring for my wife. Due to unpleasant circumstances, I was not able to give her a ring when we first got married. Now that I am ready to buy her one, I wanted to give her the perfect ring. I went online to see what styles I can find, but finding the ring she likes is a bit difficult. We found a few that would be good enough, but still not the one that she will be 100% happy about. She wanted a customized one. Upon searching further, we found Beverly Diamonds. In the website, they advertise that they can custom design your own ring and so we tried customizing rings with Beverly Diamonds.1.24 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring SI H

The process was very simple. We called them to find out what information they need to get the customization started. We were asked to send an image of the closest ring design that we wanted and give them a detailed information as to what we need to change in the ring. They will give an estimate as to how much it would cost and actually work with you if you have a budget. They suggested that we should put diamond size like this and that, which made us feel really at ease and see that they know what they are doing. Once they got the idea of how we wanted it to be, they started the process. Customizing rings with Beverly Diamonds starts with a designer making the 3D design. After a day, they were able to send us an image of the 3D design. It showed us how big the ring and the diamonds were and how heavy the ring will be in different kinds of gold. It’s quite amazing, actually. Then they asked us if the design looks good. They will not continue the production if you still have some changes with the design.

We gave them our thumbs up, and the next day, they informed us that the 3D printer has finished printing it and it will be given to the casting department to be made into gold. Then again we received an image of the raw design made into gold. It made us so excited, we wanted to get it the next day. But of course, customizing rings with Beverly Diamonds should carefully undergo the normal process to ensure that the ring is perfect. So we didn’t rush. We waited for another day when they sent us an image of the finished ring and we couldn’t be any happier. The next day we received the ring, and she wore it immediately. We are glad we found out about this company. We didn’t know that customizing rings with Beverly Diamonds would be this easy.

If you would like to send your customization request to them, just visit their website at It can be found in the homepage.

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