Diamonds Studs: The Women’s Guide


Diamonds studs are one of the most popular jewelry accessories on the market right now and have been for a while. The combination of a beautiful setting with stone(s) peering out gleefully, is something that all women adore. There are many different styles and designs in the earring category. Some women will have multiple pairs of studs that can be matched for any mood/occasion. It can make an outfit as well as compliment whatever one has on.

The 4 C’s:

Firstly, the 4 c’s – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight – are the standard for assessing the diamond quality. When choosing a diamond, the goal is to get the best possible stone at the best possible price.


Not the most important factor when buying studs as the facets on a diamond are a reflection of whatever’s around them (e.g. ones hair, skin, or glass) Clarity: Also something not to take too seriously, being it is highly unlikely that someone will be able to spot inclusions/dirt on the earrings – unless it’s examined by a pro with a high scale jewelers loupe.


The better the cut the more sparkle and shine the stone will have so I’d recommend on getting a nice cut. A poorly cut diamond can destroy the studs as it will be very dull and bland. Carat weight: If possible, I’d recommend choosing a diamond 0.50 carat or larger, but u can still get a nice stone without spending too much money when choosing gems that are a few points under 0.50, 0.70, etc.


There are many different shapes and cuts when it comes to studs, so its really up to ones likes and preferences but here some of the standard cuts for diamond studs are;
Round, Princess, Asscher, Cushion, and Emerald.


The setting is the piece which holds the gem into its place, but settings do offer plenty of possibilities for displaying the diamond, as it can provide the utmost shine and enhance its look. The most popular settings include; Prong, Bezel, and Pave settings.

Stud Metals:

Lastly, one has to decide the best metal for their studs; typically, gold or platinum are used, with 14K and 18K considered the best gold options. If you like a splash of color, yellow or rose gold can be a great addition to your already exquisite studs.!;)

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