Diamonds Vs Quartz – Some Important Facts

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Not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, every crystal that sparkles need not necessarily be a diamond. Crystals can either be quartz or diamonds. The brightness and attraction of crystal are quite appealing. If you see it for the first time, not realizing the fact that not every crystal is diamond, you are certain to be deceived. So it is necessary that you enhance your knowledge about diamonds and the differences between quartz and diamond.

Although both diamonds and quartz look alike, there is huge difference in their market value. Furthermore, the chemical make-up of both is quite different. It is possible to polish a quartz to make it look exactly like diamond but remember that a quartz can never be made a diamond or can be equal to the latter in any way.

That said, it is your turn now to check out if the gemstone you have at home is a diamond or quartz. Apparently, there are certain home based testing methods that you can perform yourself to find out the truth about your gemstone. Most important of all, always buy your diamond from a reliable seller. Beverly Diamonds is a trusted online diamonds seller. The absence of any Beverly Diamonds ripoff report is clear evidence that this seller is genuine.

Scratch test

Scratch test is simple and yet effective to gauge the hardness of diamond. Mohs scale is a common measure used to test diamond hardness. Pure diamond rates 10 on the Mohs scale meanwhile quartz rates less than 7. In fact, the hardness level of the quartz is equal to steel. Being the hardest substance on earth, only a diamond can cut another diamond or other hard metals.

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To gauge the hardness of your crystal, get a steel file and use it to scratch on the sides or bottom of the crystal you have. If the crystal gets any scratch or any impact by the scratching, remember that what you have is not a diamond but quartz. The reason is simple. Diamonds won’t be affected by any metal that is lighter than it.

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