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Fancy shape diamonds are the trend these days. No one goes for the conventional round shaped diamonds now. In fact, any diamond with a shape or style that is different from the round brilliant ones can be considered a fancy shaped diamond. And so, the demand for such is quite high.

There are many classic shapes of diamonds: Emerald, Pear, Oval, Princess, Heart, and Marquise. As per the Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts, the classic cut diamonds are the best sellers in the market these days. Most of the fancy cut diamonds are brilliant cuts and can be a visual treat to the eyes.

One of the best selling models in the classic cut diamonds is the Emerald cut diamond. This is the most popular among the step cut diamonds. The designs of these diamonds are derived from the traditional cutting styles that were used for the emeralds. Usually, the shape of these diamonds is rectangular with small beveled corners. This will give the stone a shape that has eight edges. As per some expert Beverly Diamonds reviews, the standard number of facets of the Emerald cut diamond is fifty-eight.

Fancy Shape Diamonds
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As the quality of the Emerald cut diamonds is highlighted with these large facets, experts classify this diamond shape in a rare clarity grade in their Beverly Diamonds reviews. These diamonds have classic and poised looks of the Emerald cut diamonds, offering you a great way to communicate a sense of sophistication with romance. This is the reason why these diamonds are much popular among buyers.

Classic cut diamonds will be a great asset to you, and these gems will never diminish value. Emerald cut diamonds can be a great gift as well, and if you choose a ring with the Emerald cut diamond for your engagement, you will be able to make the event even more memorable one.

You will find many jewelry items with the classic cut diamonds online, but you can also visit a local retailer to check out their collection of fancy cut diamond jewelries. To know more on the classic cut diamonds, you can visit the Beverly Diamonds reviews page.

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