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 Oval Shaped Diamonds

If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring, there are numerous diamond shapes to choose from, and you may easily get confused with them if you are new to the world of diamonds. The popular shapes are princess, round, emerald, pear, heart, cushion, radiant, oval, and marquise. According to Beverly Diamonds reviews, oval shaped diamond is one of the best choices for an engagement ring, the reason for which is that they are sparkling, exclusive, and graceful. Here are some of the advantages of choosing oval shaped diamonds, along with some tips to choose the best stone for your better half.

Why oval shaped diamonds

The best part of oval shaped diamonds is that they look larger than others do. You can see the difference when you replace a round cut diamond with an oval shaped one, both of the same carat weight. The surface area of oval shaped diamond is greater than that of round cut diamonds, and this makes the former appear bigger.

According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, oval shaped diamonds will give a delusion of slender and longer fingers. Another thing they talk about is that when the length to width ratio is bigger, the diamond will look elongated. But when the length to width ratio is smaller, the diamonds will be round.

Princess Cut Diamonds
Round Cut Diamonds

You need to have a check on the money that you spend on oval diamonds. According to Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts, oval cut diamonds are rare to find than the round or princess cut diamonds. So make sure that you do not go beyond the budget that you have fixed in pursuit of an oval shaped stone.

Going by Beverly Diamonds reviews, oval shaped diamonds are very glittery. Although when you look into the way oval and round diamonds are cut, they are pretty much the same. Both types are equally brilliant, and even round cut ones have the most brilliance often.

When you choose oval shaped diamonds for engagement rings, they look unique and different from any other diamond cut. As it is a very special occasion, go for something that is different. So, it is best to choose an oval shape diamond ring, which would be the perfect combination of brilliance and uniqueness.

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