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For most people finding the right girl to marry isn’t easy, but if you have managed it, next up is buying the perfect ring to propose with. This will be something that she wears every day, so you’ll need to look at a lot of stuff. A diamond ring is an ideal choice, and Beverly Diamonds sell some of the best rings you’ll find online.

One of most important aspects of a diamond ring is the way the stone is set in it. There’s a variety of settings you can get when you shop for an engagement ring. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • Tiffany: This one uses a single diamond, and sets the stone a little higher on the band. It’s a classic style, and an easy one to get.
  • Eternity: This setting makes use of several stones and sets them up in a string, each beside the next. The string usually circles the entirety of the band.
  • Bezel: A setting that frames a single stone with a metal fixture, usually making the diamond appear larger than it actually is.
  • Channel: Two strips of metal hold the diamonds in the gap they form between each other, with no prongs or other fixtures. If you want to reduce chances of the stone getting snagged, this is the perfect setting.
  • Pave: This constitutes a diamond cluster covering and just about obscuring the metal.

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One thing you need to be paying attention to is how much you can spend. Find the right piece that can fit within your budget, and then make the purchase. Also, make sure that you buy from a reputed retailer that offers good customer support, such as Beverly Diamonds. They are so dedicated, that you get a call from the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell after each purchase, asking after your order satisfaction. You will find the fact ironic after doing business with them, considering it is almost impossible to find any valid Beverly Diamonds complaints.

Another important matter is the shipping methods. You will find no Beverly Diamonds complaints in that regard, which is why these diamond jewelers are exceedingly popular. There are few things as reassuring, as the way the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell goes about making sure your order was perfectly packaged and delivered. They even do overseas shipping, which could turn out to be useful if you are planning to propose while on a holiday.

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