How Diamond Makes Its Journey To The Jewellery Shop

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Diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds are known for their quality jewellery and attractive offers. But, do you know where these diamonds come from? So let us see how a diamond makes from the diamond mine to the jewellery shop.

Diamond mining

Diamond is the purest form of carbon present in nature. High pressure is the key element for its formation. This is why most natural diamonds are found buried deep under earth. Any diamonds found on the surface are usually the products of volcanic eruptions, when the diamonds located 3500 feet deep under the ground are blasted off to the surface. As per experts at Beverly Diamonds, you have to mine deeper and deeper into the earth looking for the precious stone, otherwise.

Diamond cutting and polishing

Not all the mined diamonds would be of good quality. Some of the rough stones can only be used for industrial purposes and not for making jewellery. Diamond, being the hardest material available in nature, has a lot of applications in various industries. Only a small percentage of these mined diamonds, about less than 20%, will make it to diamond stores like Beverly Diamonds.

Rough Diamonds
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These rough diamonds are sold to a central selling organization, where they are carefully analysed and categorised. Diamond manufacturers then buy these stones from here, and cut and polish them to convert them into the beautiful stones that you see at the Beverly Diamonds stores.

Expert cutters know how to cut the rough diamond properly to get rid of all the imperfections keeping the maximum attractiveness possible. After going through the cutting, polishing, and many other enhancement techniques to get rid of the imperfections and to improve the colour of the stone, these diamonds will be now ready for sale.

In the past, diamond manufacturers used to sell their finished stones to wholesalers and retail jewellers. However, these days, it is possible for them to take the stones directly to the customers without involving any intermediaries.

As you can see, diamonds go through a very long route before it finally reaches the shelves of your neighbourhood diamond seller. This explains the rather expensive price tag of these beautiful stones, and makes it clear why these precious gemstones are cherished for life.

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