How Diamonds Find Their Way Into Jewelry

Beverly Diamonds
          Extraction Of Diamonds

Diamonds are extremely expensive because they are rare and hard to mine. Gemstones worthy of making jewelry that are used by Beverly Diamonds are even more so. Diamonds are indeed marvels of the nature, but it takes true effort and time to create unique jewelry from the same.

In search of diamonds

Extreme heat and pressure create diamonds naturally. Such pressures can only be found in unreachable depths under earth. However, diamonds from deep under are brought up during a specific volcanic eruption called Kimberlite eruption. There are several other mining methods for diamonds, but Kimberlite eruptions are the most often used source.

Once geologists have identified such sources, pit mining begins in the area. Using heavyweight machinery and industry-grade hydraulic shovels, diamond ore is brought up, after which, they undergo the separation process. Diamond’s natural affinity to grease is the most often used physical property used to separate them.

Whether a single individual or an entire factory-sized installation, all mines separate diamonds using this property. In large mines though, the ore is brought into processing plants and then the gemstones are separated.

Using crushing and milling, the ore is broken up and disintegrated into smaller pieces. This releases the diamonds that are trapped inside. After doing so, various methods are used in order to take out the diamonds. The most popular methods of separation are washing, grease-belts, and X-ray separation.

Natural Diamonds
           Polishing And Finishing Of Diamonds

While washing brings up small-sized diamonds, grease belts are most common form of separating bigger stones. In the latter process, the ore is passed through a grease belt where true natural diamonds remains stuck to the bed, and are then collected and brought forward to sorting.

Experts at Beverly Diamonds say that once collected, such diamonds are sorted according to color, size, and physical properties. After the grading process, the jewelry-grade diamonds undergo extensive polishing and finishing before being mounted on a piece of Beverly Diamonds jewelry. In order to bring up the characteristic sparkle, the diamonds are cut in specific shapes and facets. These facets, flat faces of geometric shapes, reflect light in peculiar fashion, and give the sparkle to the stone.

The facets are chosen depending on the size and color, and each cut is made in order to bring out the best shine. After this stage, these diamonds undergo rigorous inspection by expert gemologists at Beverly Diamonds before they are finally added to their jewelry collection.

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