How Important Is The Diamond Color To A Purchase?

Beverly Diamonds Scam
I Color Diamonds

If you are in search of the best diamond that your wallet can fund, then you are at the right place for tips on that. Many people overlook their immediate or even total spending ability, or grossly overestimate it, when making a purchase. Just as everything else that you buy as an adult, your diamond ring or pendant should be good enough to warrant the expense you bear. Like the items listed on the Beverly Diamonds collection, because you do not see any mention of a Beverly Diamonds scam, anywhere.

The color

This is considered the second most important single aspect of any diamond you are looking to buy. In earlier posts, you must have read of the other important properties – cut, color, clarity, and carat – that fall under the 4 C’s. Since we are on the topic of color, you need to remember not to overpay. For example, I color diamonds and G color diamonds would look almost identical when mounted. So if your diamond is to be embedded, why not save money while retaining comparable visual quality?

The color scale of white diamonds

White diamonds are preferred by people looking for quiet elegance on their finger or neck, which may be harder to get with a fancier color. But consider the fact that most people cannot tell the difference, and it is usually the disparity in pricing that makes them notice any. Color identification is also harder with the rounder cuts.

Beverly Diamonds Collection
G Color Diamonds

All of this boils down to a simple fact; the eye cannot separate the 4 C’s unless that is what it is trying to do. Mixing these up is the best way to get a good looking diamond, especially after factoring in how well you can wear the piece. Easy customization options in this area mean there is the no Beverly Diamonds scam to be wary of.

The importance of diamond color is not simple a constant. For the sharper cuts, their color is easily identifiable. Any round cut diamond would look colorless on first sight, and this we still have not moved on to studded rocks. You could easily pass off a K, L, or even M color grade on a yellow-gold setting and have it look almost as good as a G color stone. Beverly Diamonds helps with just this kind of sensible purchase, which is why the idea of a Beverly Diamonds scam is laughable.

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