How To Grab Attention With The Right Diamond On Your Fingers

Diamond Studded
Rings From Beverly Diamonds

Diamonds are precious gemstones that we love to have. Right from a simple ring to necklaces, we prefer diamond studded jewelry to take hold of the onlooker’s attention. So here are some tips to choose the right diamond and be the centre of attraction.

You just need to give some attention to the shape, the way in which the diamond is cut, and the way they are studded. All these have an influence on the overall appearance. As famous jewelry manufacturers like Beverly diamonds offer a huge collection of diamonds, look into the following things to choose the best stone for you.

Go for fancy shapes

When you compare the normal shapes with fancy ones, diamonds with a different shape look better. When diamonds are cut in elongated shapes like pearl, oval, and marquise, they look larger when compared to round cut diamonds of the same carat weight.

Look for the setting

When a diamond is placed on a mirror like plate, they appear to be a bit larger. Moreover, the setting of the diamond defines its brilliance. You would find such pieces with great impression in the Beverly diamonds collections.

Go for diamond rings that has side stones

When diamonds of smaller sizes are studded on the either side of the focal diamond stone, it would not necessarily make the main one appear larger, but would make the ring look all the more sparkling.

Choose a bezel set diamond

When you choose from Beverly diamonds go for a Bezel set diamond pattern. In this pattern, there is a rim that surrounds the stone and holds it on the ring.

Diamond Studded
Pendants From Beverly Diamonds

Platinum or White gold would go well with the diamond. The best part is that they would make the stone even more radiant. You can make use of gold bezel for the ring if you want to throw a yellowish tint on the stone.

If you take a pave set ring, it appears as if it has a continuous surface. But then, it is actually a small diamond that is studded in two different holes side to side. Even though they are two differ stones, they nearly level up with the setting and appear to be a continuous design.

So the next time when you plan to buy an engagement ring or a pendant, consider the above points and get the best one from Beverly diamonds.

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