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We have heard a lot about boiler room scams and even seen victims featured on the news. People, who are conned this way, usually lose their money to something that’s not even worth a tenth of what they pay. Diamond is one of the gems scammers use such schemes to sell. Buy from someone you know people trust, and you wouldn’t have to face this problem. Read a few Beverly Diamonds reviews if you want to see what real customer satisfaction is.

Diamonds are a good thing to invest in, no doubt. But probably not if you buy it off a pressure seller. Over the past few decades, the value of diamonds has all but soared. However, have you ever wondered why diamonds aren’t on the stock market?

Here is why: you can’t ever be fully sure of the fixed price of a diamond, because for that, more than 12,000 different attributes of the stone need to be assessed. Although the smaller stones have had their occasional fall in price, 1.50 ct and over diamonds have only gone one way – upwards.

The first thing you see scam victims try to do is sell off their poor purchase. When someone like that calls you, hang up shortly. Do not even think about buying, unless there is a way to make sure the stone is really worth what they are asking. Here are the things to watch for:

  • Do not put your confidence in a caller trying to convince you of multiple returns overnight. This is too good to be true, and so usually isn’t. You do not have to find that out the hard way.

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  • Consider buying online from trusted sellers like Beverly Diamonds. Read a few Beverly Diamonds reviews if you would like to, and check the quality standards they maintain.
  • Invest in no more than a single diamond at any time. Larger stones are more valuable than, say, three smaller stones of the same cumulative price.
  • If it’s a local retailer you are buying from, make sure that they let you check out the diamonds before you buy.
  • Check for certification of the diamond quality from a recognized gem lab. If you read the Beverly Diamonds reviews, you will see that their diamonds are vouched for by

As said, if you are going to take the online tack, it is best to buy from a trusted source, like Beverly diamonds. Read a few Beverly Diamonds reviews and see that you are alright with their shipping methods. It is also better to see how they handle returns and replacements, so that no disputes occur in future.

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