Kay & Beverly Diamonds Complaints – Who cares?

Complaints are adding up against national jewelers. Kay Jewelers complaints. Beverly Diamonds complaints.

Customers of Kay Jewelers in many states complain that when they took their wedding and engagement rings there, the rings were either damaged or altogether lost. A custom designed $21,000 engagement ring vanished, A bride-to-be in New Jersey needed her ring resized and said Kay Jewelers told her they had to order a replacement, The new ring arrived with a smaller center diamond. A similar experience involving a ring repair occurred in Virginia; Kay Jewelers replaced it with one that had a crooked center diamond. Soon after, a smaller diamond fell out.

The difference – 

Meanwhile, Beverly Diamonds complaints have been deemed baseless and lacking proof. Beverly Diamonds complaints are nearly as abundant as Kay’s, but have all been resolved or dissolved due to false claims. Some of the Kay complaints were shared on the company’s Facebook page and featured in an article on Buzzfeed. The website found dozens of complaints between February and April. In the last few days, more customers shared their questionable experiences.

If we pit Beverly Diamonds complaints against Kay’s, there is a clear difference.Kay Jewelers posted an apology on Facebook. For many customers, the apologies only go so far. Beverly Diamonds complaints are not met with more than simple apologies, they are met with solutions, and reparations. The bosses at Beverly Diamonds take Beverly Diamonds complaints very seriously and handle each case with meticulous care and consideration, never allowing a customer to part ways displeased.



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