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According to a recent report published by the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, more than 60 percent of the questions that people ask before purchasing diamonds is about the cut. This rightly indicates the significance of diamond cuts, and how much people are concerned about it.

In the opinion of experts at Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, the cut of a diamond is one of the key aspects that actually determines its value. Beverly Diamonds complaints cell describe six diamonds cuts that are most admired today. Here is a small account of each of these popular diamond cuts.

Round Cut

Round shape is ranked as the most common type of diamond cut. If you go to a diamond jewelry shop and look at the engagement rings put for sale there, you would notice a common factor; most rings feature Round cut diamonds. This is because Round cut diamonds are considered to be ideal for engagement rings due to their 360-degree symmetrical shape. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest types of diamond shapes.

Emerald Cut

Although not as popular as Round cut today, the Emerald cut is the most popular classic diamond cut. Emerald cut diamonds is featured with rectangular fashion that gives it optical appearance, and therefore, it is easy for one to determine the stone’s clarity.

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds have a unique feminine appearance. It is featured with a round shape on one end, and pointed on the opposite. Due to this unique shape, many would prefer calling it teardrop cut. Pear cut diamond ring give a slimming effect to the finger.

Popular Diamonds Cuts
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Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds are featured with a casual oval shape. This type of diamonds is quite similar to round cut diamonds in appearance, but are rather less popular.

Marquise Cut

This is another fancy shaped diamond, popular for its tapered design. The major difference that a Marquise cut diamond has against oval cut diamond is its tapering points.

Princess Cut

Experts at Beverly Diamonds complaints cell say that Princess cut diamonds are most popular diamonds among the non-round cut diamonds. It is modern, unique, and sparkly, which attracts buyers the most.

These are the six popular diamonds cuts available out in the market today. Consult with experts and gemologists at Beverly Diamonds to know more about your preferred shape.

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