Men’s Wedding Bands: Beginners Guide

If you are a man who has bought an engagement ring in the past, you know how overwhelming it can be with all the options, designs, colors, material, carat, and plenty of other stuff. But when it comes time to choose one’s own wedding band the process can be tough as options are abundant. Below is a quick and easy way to choose one’s wedding band and be 100% satisfied with your choice. Being that you may be wearing this band for the rest of your life, one should not settle on something nice, rather one should admire and adore his band.

5 main factors one should look into before buying a wedding band

Width, Metal, Fit, Finish, and Engraving.

Width: I’d recommend trying on a few different wedding bands in a range of widths, just to know what you like best.

Metal: Depending on one’s personal preference the metals generally used are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Keep in mind that platinum bands may cause skin irritation.

Fit: Very important to many men, since they are worried as is about wearing a ring daily. I’d recommend a wedding band with flat round edges, as they are comfortable to wear and are light in weight.

Finish: The finish is the exterior surface of the metal. Here are some common examples. There’s Detailing; which is when one adds a diamond or nice stone of some sort, adding it to the band which gives it a burst of flash and style to your band

There’s High Polish; which is quite popular, which details the metal with a reflective/mirror-like finish.

There’s Matte; which is less reflective and more of a unique, modern touch.

Combination finish; are wedding bands that combine both matte and high polish finish.

Hammered bands; very different than the others, – is as it sounds- the band looks kinda like a hammer of some sort pounded the metal to create its textured, crisp look. And then there’s the option of custom design…of course.

Engraving: Lastly, any band that you feel maybe a little toned down or not bright enough to your liking, engraving on the band is the way to go. Whether you put your fiancée’s name engraved or a specific date/memory you’d like to remember, I’d highly recommend engraving something being that it is something you’ll be wearing for a long time and is something of love and companionship.

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