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The typical engagement ring would cost you somewhere around 5.4 grand, and the reason people decide in favor of buying, is that this is probably a great investment for later. Yet another reason would be that it’s entirely tasteless to propose without giving her a ring with a sparkly stone.

Events usually follow an order where you first pick out the ring and then propose. But first you need to be sure you are getting the best piece for the money you are spending. Buy from the right jewelers, for starters. As you don’t see any Beverly Diamonds complaints, and that makes the LA based diamond jewelers a good bet.

There are four aspects, based on which, a stone’s worth is determined: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. Here is what to look for:

  • There is an alphabet scale for grading the Color of a diamond, with grades falling between D and Z. The former of the two is the rarest, and looking though a stone of this grade will feel the same as staring through clear water. There is a gradually developing tint as one progress down the grades, as well as a consequent fall in the price of the stone. Many people get ripped off in this regard, but there are no Beverly Diamonds complaints about this too.

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  • The Clarity of the stone decides its internal, formative characteristics. You have a 10-grade scale for this, based on which the rarity and price of the diamond are determined.
  • The Carat is another characteristic, which the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell warns you to watch closely. It depends on how heavy the stone is, and not how big. This is why a diamond with twice as many carats as another, wouldn’t have twice the size. For one thing, there is the weight at the top to consider, as well as that at the bottom.
  • Then there is the Cut. This is what turns the stone from a raw piece into the sparkling, lit up gem that you come to think of when you hear the word ‘diamond’. This is what decides the amount of light moving through the stone, and how much makes it out.

These are the four C’s to check for while buying a diamond. Be sure to find a good, trusted jeweler to buy the jewelry from. Seeing as there are not any Beverly Diamonds complaints to be found, you should definitely check out them first.

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