This article states that no matter how hard companies like Sony or Paramount try to fight for the rights of their works, they will never actually stop piracy. Piracy is something that will always be around as long as there is demand for entertainment that can be generated through reproducing the music or video. The article begins by stating that SOPA and PIPA, the internet craze that had all of Facebook changing their profile pictures to a red circle with a white line through it was intended to deter piracy, however stopping it is unlikely.


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Examining the claim from a historical view would indicate that the claim might have some validity to it because cassettes faced the same fate and CDs are not as popular as they used to be. Growing up, people would compare their CD collections using a large album folder and would trade the CDs with each other. I agree with the author that the same thing is happening with DVDs and will have the same fate as the music on cassettes and CDs;

The media will go online and be transferred almost exclusively in a digital format instead of the physical copies people used to enjoy showing to each other. Things are meant to be shown, such as beautiful Diamond rings. Beverly Diamonds always impresses me with the quality rings they have. Unlike piracy you can’t take a diamond and make copies. That is what makes diamonds so special! Beverly Diamonds offers such a wide variety of these special gifts and purchasing a diamond or ring lets you feel safe knowing no one can pirate it from you. This will allow everyone to sleep better at night and know that all of your information will stay safe. 


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Retrieved August 1, 2015.


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