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Everyone loves diamonds; there is no depreciation for the value of the precious gemstones. Reports say that the value of diamonds is skyrocketing year after year. So it can be said that if you buy a good diamond jewelry today, its value will double-up in a few years time. However, you need to make sure that the diamonds are from reputed brands, for instance Beverly Diamonds.

Shape preferences

If you are buying diamonds for yourself, you can go for your shape preferences easily. However, most often diamonds are gifted. Most of us buy diamonds for our partner, where some gift diamond jewelry to their children or parents on special occasions. Apparently, each person has a shape preference for diamonds.

So, when you want to gift a diamond to your close ones, be certain to find out their shape preference first. If there is no chance to learn about the shape preference of the person whom you are gifting the diamond, consider purchasing diamonds that are generally popular or preferred by most people.

Why round diamond?

According to experts at Beverly Diamonds, round diamonds are the first choice for most people because they fit perfectly on all types of rings. Round diamonds have been popular since centuries and they have never lost demand or gone out of fashion. Furthermore, round diamonds have higher scintillation and more brilliance.

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The length to width ratio

A majority of the people who buy diamonds consider only two things; the price and the shininess. They believe that the brilliance and value of the diamond are determined by these two factors only. But, the truth is that factors like the shape, length to width ratio, and cut and carat weight also play a vital role in determining the value of diamonds.

You can consult experts at Beverly Diamonds to know about popular cuts and shapes of diamonds. They will also guide you on determining the right length to width ratio when choosing a diamond.

The easiest way to get the best diamonds is shopping them online. Sellers like Beverly Diamonds have a wide range of collection of diamond jewelries. Be it a wedding ring, an eternity band, a diamond studded bracelet, or bedazzling earrings, they have an extensive collection for all.

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