Save money when buying a diamond ring.

Save money when buying a diamond ring.

Getting engaged is a very exciting time in ones life. People plan their proposal for months if not years. Everyone wants to buy for their soon to be finance the nicest ring possible. But, buying a diamond ring is very expansive. Diamonds and gold are two expensive commodities, and when put together a very pricey item is created. However, there are a few different things that can help someone save money when buying a diamond ring.

1) There is no need to get a ring that is 18k gold. This is not a huge money saver, but it is a start. Companies like make it very easy to change between 14k,18k and platinum bands. Platinum is a lot more expensive. Personally, I like platinum bands just because you won’t have to deal with the white gold turning yellow. But if a person wants gold, 14K gold is exactly what should be purchased. No need for a “fancier” karat ring.

2) For people that are buying yellow bands, another way to save a little money is, not to pay extra for a great color diamond. The yellow band with give the diamond a slight hint of yellow, even if the diamond is a D color diamond. The best part about the diamond looking a little yellow is, the diamond still looks great, and the yellow blends in incredibly well. Therefore, if debating whether to pay extra for a F color instead of a H color, save money go with the H color. Go to to see the difference in price between F and H color diamonds.

3) Just to preference, this is just my opinion. I prefer going with a diamond that is not a great cut, as long as the crown of the diamond is big. Everyone knows about the 4C’s and one of the C’s is Cut of the diamond. If the cut is not perfect, the diamond goes down in price. Therefore, getting a diamond with a large crown will save as some money and it will make the diamond look bigger. Make sure the diamond is not cut that the diamond is a very deep diamond, or a bottom heavy diamond. That would make the diamond look a lot smaller when in the ring.

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