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There was time when diamonds were considered a royal adornment. It was because of two different factors; firstly, diamonds were so costly that common people couldn’t afford it, and secondly, diamonds were very rare to find. But today, the scenario is quite different. Diamond jewelries are within the reach of everyone.

According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, there are diamond jewelries for different classes of people. With a proper research about affordable and genuine diamonds, you can find out the most appropriate diamond jewelry that falls right into your budget. Yet in spite of the fact that diamond jewelries are affordable for everyone now, most of us skip the idea of buying diamonds jewelry with a misconception that pure diamonds are always priced high. However, Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts say otherwise.

It is easy to find a pure diamond with a low budget plan, provided that you consider a few key aspects. Let’s see how.

Understand the 4 C’s

According to expert Beverly Diamonds reviews, the quality of a diamond is determined by the 4 C’s; the Carat, Clarity, Color, and the Cut. It is quite unfortunate that every year hundreds of people end up buying fake diamonds just because they fail to look at these features in the diamond they are buying. So, begin your lookout for the right stone on the basis of the aforementioned 4 C’s; you will easily get one worth that suits your funds.

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According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, the most important factor that determines the value of a diamond is its Cut. But understand that the Cut is not same as the shape. While the shape is just the outward appearance of a diamond, the cut is what forms a diamond.

Color is another factor that hugely encroaches on the price tag. Pure diamond is colorless, and is priced higher. That said, during the process its formation, the diamonds get their color such as red, yellow, blue, green, etc due to radiation and other elements. Diamonds with a slight yellow tint are the common ones available in the market, and are affordable as well.

These are some of the basic things about the choosing a diamond. Make sure that you buy from reputed and genuine online diamonds sellers like the Beverly Diamonds, and you will never be disappointed with your purchase.

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