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Beverly Diamonds The company culture at Beverly Diamonds plays a pivotal role in our success. We have offices in Japan, Germany, and the United States. Though Japan has westernized in recent years, its culture is still somewhat different from the U.S. culture.  The German culture is unique as well. As a leader, I will not […]


Chocolate Diamond Pendants – Top Shopping Tips

Chocolate Diamond Pendants – Top Shopping Tips from Beverly Diamonds In fact, a chocolate diamond pendant may be the last thing that your significant other expect to receive this holiday season, so why not completely surprise her with this magnificent piece of jewelry? Shopping for jewelry isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but you can […]

Man’s guide to buying an engagement ring.

So you’ve chosen to propose to your better half — congrats. What’s more, you’ve chosen that rather than her selecting the Diamond, or planning one together, the most sentimental move is to pick it yourself. Congratulations once more. You are going to set out on a scary voyage into the wild universe of Diamond shopping. […]

Choosing The Best Diamond For You

Diamonds are a unique subject, whether of study or adoration. There is a lot to learn about them, especially if you are looking to buy one. The general consensus is that you need to watch the four C’s of any stone you consider buying. But then, there is something that forms another ‘C’ which is […]

Some Tips For Choosing Appropriate Diamond

There was time when diamonds were considered a royal adornment. It was because of two different factors; firstly, diamonds were so costly that common people couldn’t afford it, and secondly, diamonds were very rare to find. But today, the scenario is quite different. Diamond jewelries are within the reach of everyone. According to some Beverly […]

Tips To Buy Diamonds Wisely

If you are planning to buy diamonds, this article will help you to make your choice wisely. You can read ahead to know more on some of the important things that you need to consider while buying diamonds. Some of the tips were taken from the Beverly Diamonds reviews page. Plan the budget This will […]

Emerald Cut Rings For Your Engagement

Fancy shape diamonds are the trend these days. No one goes for the conventional round shaped diamonds now. In fact, any diamond with a shape or style that is different from the round brilliant ones can be considered a fancy shaped diamond. And so, the demand for such is quite high. There are many classic […]