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It can be confusing choosing a diamond to buy. What are the things you need to check? What makes one diamond better than another? Are there guidelines to choosing better diamonds? It just happens there are. These center on the four C’s: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Around 60 years back, GIA came up with the system for valuating diamonds based on these characteristics. The higher these four, the better the diamond. This is also the reason why you don’t see many Beverly Diamonds complaints.


This is the weight of the diamond. 1-carat weighs in at 200 milligrams. This doesn’t mean that a bigger diamond will always cost more, though it’s usually seen that smaller diamonds are cheaper. The size to buy is decided by your own tastes and preferences in the matter. You could bring down the cost by dividing the same number of carats between or among stones. This means that a single 1-carat diamond would cost more than, say, three diamonds of similar quality, which come up to the same 1 carat in weight. Incidentally, you won’t hear any Beverly Diamonds complaints about the weight of the diamonds sold.


This feature has a letter grading system for it, starting with D for rare, colorless diamonds. Then come E and F, which are excellent diamonds, and G or H, which are almost as good, but not quite. Down the scale, you’ll start noticing that the diamond has more coloring inside it. Put a K next to a G, for instance, and the former will have more yellow in it. You won’t see any Beverly Diamonds complaints about the color of the diamonds either, which means these are of good quality.

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This has to do with how few flaws or “inclusions” the diamond has. You have SI for ‘‘slightly included’’, VS for ‘‘very slightly included’’, and VVS for ‘‘very, very slightly included.’’ With diamonds that fall in the last category, it’s hard to find the flaws with the naked eye.


This has to do with how the stone was styled, and is a less essential factor, since it can be changed. Various cuts give diamonds different shapes, and they allow the flow of light in as many different ways.

The fact that you don’t hear any valid Beverly Diamonds complaints, must give you some clue as to the quality of their diamonds jewelry. Check out their engagement ring collection on the official website.

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