The Major Cuts And Shapes Of Diamonds

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Shapes Of Diamonds

Shopping for diamonds is not as easy as some people can make it seem. There is a lot to watch, such as the shape, cut, clarity, the authenticity, etc. Also, there are different varieties available if you can afford them; but there is the problem of making a choice. Beverly Diamonds reviews can be a great help with finding the right thing for you.

Sometimes, the look of a piece is enough for you to decide on purchasing it. However, you will want to make sure it will suit the occasion you are planning it for. This is evident from the Beverly Diamonds reviews you see online.

The cut of a diamond is its most essential aspect. The following are the different cuts that diamonds are sold in.

  • Round Cut: This is the most common cut used in jewelry diamonds, and what most Beverly Diamonds reviews talk about. It gives the best sparkle, and has wide varieties.
  • Step Cut: This cut has less faces than others do, which hold a more linear type arrangement. A step cut diamond is shaped like a rectangle, and has an elegant look to it.
  • Princess Cut: This is the most popular type after the Round Cut, and gives a squared shape to the gem.
  • Asscher Cut: This was one of the cuts, which was prominent in the last century, and was a squared version of the Princess Cut. It is slowly coming back into the market, as part of a way of reviving vintage fashions.

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  • Cushion Cut: This cut gets its name from the rounded corners the gem has after it is used on a ring. This gives the overall look of a cushion, with huge facets.
  • Marquise Cut: Both edges of the diamond taper to points. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts highlight that this shape is relatively less common, and can give a unique feel.
  • Pear Shape: This is a singular cut, and looks like a water drop. There is a rounded side, and an opposite sharp point.
  • Oval Shaped: This is a lot like the regular cut used diamonds, which is the Round Cut. The gem is slim, and looks good on people who have a unique persona.

That was a look at some of the major cuts used on diamonds. Make sure to check the cut is clear enough to allow maximum light passage, so that your stone shines brighter.

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