The Truth About Reviews

The Truth About Reviews

Everyone likes to check reviews about products or service before becoming a guinea pig to a company. Most companies also have a big enough profile for you to check their ratings and reviews online. For regular business like clothing, food, or cleaning a review can help with a buyer or customers decision to do business with the sought company, however jewelry business is a little different than most business The reason for that is: When a buyer enters the market to buy jewelry his first search is for jewelry which is affordable, and then once the customer identifies the price target he then looks further into the company.

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Is it everything?

For the most part, consumers will rely mainly on reviews about jewelry stores posted online by other users. Now, should that be your only source of identification if the company is legitimate or not but never the less it can give you an idea about the company’s performance. Furthermore, when reading reviews you should always check if the reviewer is writing a review out of anger or he actually has a claim because many times customers will take their anger out on social media for no good reason yet it can also affect the business.

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At the end of the day.

I always say a review is a lot but not all when it comes to buying online. For the most part, reviews online can be relied on for making decisions, obviously not the sole reason but definitely a factor. I always like to call people in the business myself before purchasing to see if the company has been around or just popped up. IF the company has been around for a while it most likely can be a great company to buy from as the honest truth is that all jewelry stores have amazing reviews and some have horrible ones. For Example, Kay Jewelers has been accused of switching out the stone of their customer’s rings when getting them serviced. Regardless of the reviews and how long it has been online they still have complaints. Now obviously that was an incident of many but who knows. One of my favorite and underrated companies is Beverly Diamonds as their reviews and online presence is very noticeable with actual customer experiences.

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At the end of the day a customer should make their own due diligence before purchasing and call around and read reviews it’s a joint combination.

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