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Not all of us are experts in judging the quality of diamonds. First time buyers make mistakes and then, they end up at the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk with their queries. It is essential that you check the quality of the stone properly, before you make the purchase. So, here is how you should go about checking the various quality parameters of a diamond.

Check the Carat

Carat refers to the weight of stone. In other words, this is the measurement of the size and mass of the diamond. Normally, the Carat of the stone is significantly reduced in the cutting and polishing process to get rid of all the inclusions and to smoothen the surface.

Check the Cut

Higher Carat does not necessary mean you will be getting a more beautiful diamond. Many buyers are confused by this, as it is evident from their Beverly Diamonds complaints. For example, a diamond of lower Carat weight might look more beautiful than a higher Carat one. In fact, Carat size alone does not guarantee you a beautiful looking diamond; you need to look at the cut of the stone as well.

The Cut of the stone determines its shape and shininess. A well cut diamond will capture the light more and sparkle better than a poorly cut one, even though its Carat value is lower.

Check the Color

Choosing the Color of the stone is also important. Most natural diamonds come in some shade of yellow. Even the colorless ones will have a slight shade of yellow or brown. The gemmologists will try their best to enhance the Color of the stone through various techniques and then the stone will be rated according to the GIA scale.

Natural Diamonds
Quality Ratings Of Diamonds

Check the Clarity

If you stick to the GIA standards, you would have no reason to approach the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk at all. But, do not forget to check the Clarity rating of the stone also. Naturally, diamonds have some impurities and inclusions. This reduces the Clarity of the stone. A stone with high Clarity ratings will have very few inclusions and sparkle beautifully in the light.

These are the basic 4 C’s to look upon when buying diamond jewelry. To avoid going to the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk later on with your queries, check these aspects of the diamond carefully before placing the order.

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