Wedding Sets VS Engagement Rings

Thinking about proposing soon? If you are, I am sure that you are spending all the available time you have in searching for the perfect ring to propose in. It is a must to find that perfect piece that fits her taste the most. Who doesn’t want to propose with the perfect ring?

Have you set your eyes on one? Have you figured out the size of the stone? The design of the ring? Are you buying just a ring or a wedding set?

If you have not figured out that last part yet, we are here to help.

Is it better to buy a wedding set or should you only get the engagement ring?

When you shop for rings, it is very irresistible to check all types of ring designs and the set that goes with it. After all, who does not like buying a matching pair of rings? But one comes to ask about the benefits of just buying a single ring or getting the set. So we are here to talk about that.

A person trying to propose who has a set budget may benefit more in buying just the ring itself. It is because you are able to get the most out of your budget. It is also better to buy just the engagement ring if you are planning on a long engagement. Meaning, if you are not getting married any time soon. This gives you more time to plan and to save up to buy the matching set in the future.

In buying the wedding set, however, it is advisable if you have extra funds in your budget. Sometimes the price difference between buying a ring and the set is about $500. This saves you time as you will be getting a set at once when you purchase. This is best to get when you are planning on getting married soon.

If you are either of the two described scenarios above, you will never go wrong as long as you picked out the perfect design for her. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

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