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Diamond jewelry is one type of jewelry that is going to stay in fashion forever. Cut, set, and worn the right way, a diamond would suit a woman or even a man, providing classic, ageless ornamentation. It is also the perfect jewelry to go along with any attire you can think up.

Buying diamond jewelry means you need to make sure of a few things first. Almost all Beverly Diamonds complaints are born out of customers realizing they ordered the wrong jewelry item. In fact, any Beverly Diamonds complaints found online would seem meritless to a reasonable person.

While buying diamonds

First, there’s the history of the diamond. And then you have the shape to consider – you have more shapes for diamonds than you have for any other precious stone. And there are different cuts too, like the emerald cut, Asscher cut, oval, pear, princess, radiant, and trillion. When diamonds are used as accents, you find them to usually have round shapes. Even earrings feature the round or the princess cut predominantly, although you do have those cut out in fancier shapes.

Quality Of A Diamond
Beverly Diamonds Quality

You also have wide possibilities where the setting of the diamond is concerned. Some of the common settings are bar, bezel, channel, chevron, invisible, pave, and prongs. Other features of the diamond you might need to look into include the clarity and carats. The clearer the diamond is, the more it is worth. The same goes for the carats, which is what is used to convey the weight of the loose diamonds.

Another aspect that has a bearing on the quality of a diamond is the grade of the stone. All good diamonds fall within the FL – SI2 grade range. That is why you don’t see Beverly Diamonds complaints deriding to the quality of the gem.

Other properties include the diamond’s color, and the less color the gem contains, the more it is worth. The light coming out of the diamond is mainly determined by the way it is cut, which if shoddy, would mean that all the light would be lost through the wrong facets, such as the bottom. This is another thing that you don’t hear Beverly Diamonds complaints about.

That was some information to have if you ever went diamond shopping. Buying from trusted jewelry dealers like Beverly Diamonds offers great choices when it comes to diamond jewelry, and you can easily find the perfect one for your needs there.

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