What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

The diamond industry has tremendously grown by leaps and bounds. Before, there were only one type or kind of diamond sold in the market. But today, the number of types of diamonds has increased that it confuses consumers.

Now you can find the following types of diamonds:


  1. Natural Diamonds
  2. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
  3. Lab-Grown Diamonds
  4. Color-Treated Diamonds or HPHT diamonds

These types of diamonds are now available in the market for purchase. In this article. We will talk more about Clarity Enhanced Natural Diamond. What it is, and how it benefits a consumer like you.

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are also 100% stone that was mined from the ground. It is a natural stone that was treated with a laser to remove some flaws inside it. A diamond from the ground can have flaws or imperfections inside it. After it is cut, there are imperfections left inside the stone. These imperfections are termed as inclusions. The enhancement process removes a small percentage of these inclusions. The flaws are drilled with lasers and then filled with a crystal substance to remove the visible drill or enhancement marks.

When a diamond undergoes clarity enhancement, the flaws become less and the stones are graded higher in clarity grading. It gives a better shine and a cleaner end product. This is advisable for those who are looking to spend less money for a bigger and better stone grade.

Does the clarity enhancement process make the diamond breakable?

A clarity enhanced diamond is still a natural diamond. A diamond is not breakable even if the stone is clarity enhanced. This treatment is permanent. As long as the diamond is not introduced to direct flame from a torch or extreme heat. This treatment, like diamonds, will last forever.

Can Clarity Enhanced stone be easily identified?

No. This process is not identifiable through the naked eye. It is also very hard to even for a jeweler to identify that it is a clarity enhanced stone. People who have expertise with such products can inspect and distinguish that it is clarity enhanced. It can be checked under a 10x magnification glass.

Should I buy Clarity Enhanced stone?

It is worth to buy a clarity enhanced diamond if you are in a budget. Buying a clarity enhanced diamond is not a bad thing. It is still a REAL DIAMOND and it is still a valuable stone. The life of a diamond is for a lifetime, even if it is clarity enhanced. Do not be afraid of these types of diamonds. This is still better than the lab-made ones.

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