What You Need To Know About The Diamond Certification

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Do you know how to be sure that you are getting a quality stone when buying diamond jewelry? Of course, you have to check the diamond certification, which gives you a detail of the diamond. Reputed diamond jewellers like Beverly Diamonds provide such certificate with every purchase. This ensures that you are getting a good quality stone for your money’s worth.

About the Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification is actually a stamp of quality. The certificate is issued by a qualified gemmologist after a thorough examination of the stone. For example, at Beverly Diamonds, one of their professional gemmologists examines the stone and checks its different quality attributes, like the dimensions of the stone, carat weight, the color, the cut, the clarity, and the overall quality of the diamond.

All these attributes will be checked and graded according the standard GIA grading scale followed by Beverly Diamonds. However, there are different diamond quality grading standards and different diamond sellers might follow different ones. This sometimes makes the comparison of the stones you purchased from different sellers difficult, because the quality rating by each of these institutes will be based on different scales.

However, over the years, the standards set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have become very widely used. So, when you buy diamond jewellery from Beverly Diamonds, you can be rest assured that they strictly follow the globally accredited standards.

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About Diamonds Grading Scales

But, there are many other diamond grading standards developed and promoted by different gemmological laboratories around the globe. Some of these well known gemmological laboratories are EGL (European Gemological Institute), DCLA (Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia), AGS (American Gemological Society), IGI (International Gemological Institute), and so on.

The diamond standards and grading criteria followed by these laboratories are different and these changes will reflect in the quality certificates they provide. You need to go through the guides published online by these gemological laboratories to find out more about these quality standards before you purchase the stone.

However, do not purchase diamonds based on the quality rating alone. You also need to examine the stone carefully. Sometimes a poorly rated stone might look much more beautiful than the one with higher ratings; this happens a lot, and they are priced much lesser too.

So, if you have a limited budget, it is better to check on the quality aspects of the diamond yourself. But then too, you need a good knowledge on the types and variants of diamonds available in the market.

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